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The Truth About Marriage

     It doesn't suck!!! It also isn't the answer to eternal happiness for every single person either. Fact of the matter is it is probably a place that reflects most on the very ugly truth about onself and the success of it is directly related to how much of your shit you are willing to own up to. Marriage is a mirror but it is likely when your mate shows you who you are, you won't believe or except it. So compassion and trust is essential. In order to not take it really hard you gotta trust…


Posted by Aja Graydon Dantzler on October 21, 2012 at 4:30pm — 114 Comments

Birthdays and Crying the blues

 So I returned from vacation this year on my birthday. 34 baby. I didn't feel different in fact the infamous 30 had come and gone and I'm the same girl. I walked in the house to children who missed me...a lot. They sat me down in a chair and showered me with birthday cards. Now this was the part I was looking forward to, a parade of crafty creations laden with glitter and misspelled words.Much to my surprise the first card arrived and it was store bought. My mother said, "They picked…


Posted by Aja Graydon Dantzler on October 7, 2012 at 12:53pm — 85 Comments

She's Backkkkk......

I haven't written one of these in over a year. You can blame it on my schedule, home life or even the distraction of social networks that require a much shorter attention span. No matter the reason, I decided to approach it a little different and oddly enough it was a lover's quarrel between me and the hubs that inspired me. While THOUROUGHLY enjoying a rare vacation together we tried to decide how we would use this newly acquired free time. I wanted to call the concierge, make reservations,…


Posted by Aja Graydon Dantzler on September 24, 2012 at 11:10am — 87 Comments



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Black & Married W/

Harrassment or The Line of Duty? You Won’t Believe Why This Police Officer Pulled Over This Black Driver

Here’s the skinny.  A Black man drives to mom’s house at 11pm with out of town plates and does the unthinkable.  He “makes direct eye contact” with a white police officer.  Yes he did.  The officer follows him for a couple of miles then pulls him over and issues a warning for basically signaling too Keep Reading →

5 Great Men of the Bible Your Husband Should Know

There are many great men in the Bible. We learn about them, study them, and even try to emulate them. We look at the great things they have done and we marvel at their obedience to God. There are awesome accounts of their actions captured in Scripture. Yes, there are great men in the Bible. Keep Reading →

Money Monday: The Four Money Lessons I Absolutely Must Teach My Children

Growing up, conversations around the dinner table never involved financial matters. There were no debates about the best ways to save money or discussions on how to identify the best stocks for long term success. School was no better. Somehow, amidst the countless hours of calculus, American history, and English literature, the topic of personal Keep Reading →

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