When do you all think your coming to the Chicago area or Star Plaza in Indiana ?

Hi my favorite group of all time Kindred the Family Soul ,

I am looking everywhere to see when you all will be in the Chi-town area or coming to Star Plaza
Theater in Indiana. I miss you all so much and would love to see you all this summer. Your songs always lift me up when my husband and I are having a hard time and right now it is very hard. Yet, through it all we have love , and prayer and Kindreds music to help us to reflect and keep the faith. I love you all so much I was so sad I saw you all at a little shoe shop in Chicago my husband took a picture of me with you all and someone robbed him of his phone and there went the pictures. I hope to take some more with you again on your tour love you all soooooo much ! God bless you all and the little ones.

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