It doesn't suck!!! It also isn't the answer to eternal happiness for every single person either. Fact of the matter is it is probably a place that reflects most on the very ugly truth about onself and the success of it is directly related to how much of your shit you are willing to own up to. Marriage is a mirror but it is likely when your mate shows you who you are, you won't believe or except it. So compassion and trust is essential. In order to not take it really hard you gotta trust that there is no malice. So low blows, sarcasm and judgement are not aloud. If your mate lets this stuff sneek in ( if you are anything like me) war will be declared. Survival techniques kick in and what you have is a resentful non productive back and forth that will over time erode the whole relationship. As for you it's not about self deprecation or allowing someone to put you down but accepting who you are fully. Knowing that you too deserve love whatever your challenges are. If you are willing to consider how those things affect your mate, thier loyalty and patience will follow. Most of the things that irritate you about your mate will not change, at best they will consider you more when they find themselves being....well themselves. Finally be patient and prayerful in all you do. Time is the great equalizer if preservation is the number one priority. Relax. Be honest.Be yourself. Be together.  DISCLAIMER: I AINT NO DOCTOR, JUST A CHICK WITH AN OPINION

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