I haven't written one of these in over a year. You can blame it on my schedule, home life or even the distraction of social networks that require a much shorter attention span. No matter the reason, I decided to approach it a little different and oddly enough it was a lover's quarrel between me and the hubs that inspired me. While THOUROUGHLY enjoying a rare vacation together we tried to decide how we would use this newly acquired free time. I wanted to call the concierge, make reservations, read online reviews and schedule out the day of our lives. Fatin, on the other hand favored a more spontaneous  jump in the rental car and explore kind of philosophy. After much debate we opted for his way and I felt scared, out of control and just lost. How can we go with no destination? This could be a big fat waste of time, which we already don't get much of! It really revealed my inner control freak and the reason for why I probably haven't written much. Trying to plan out the perfect subject matter or know exactly what I want to talk about is a sure fire way to get nothing accomplished. So I decided to do something radical. I put down my copy of fifty shades ( yes I'm reading it), sat out on the balcony overlooking the desert vista and wrote...something. Much like our unplanned day that ended up on a beautiful mountain trail, yummy italian lunch, horse back riding and an evening out at a comedy show I feel full and content.Certainly not perfect but definitely over the hump...talk to ya'll soon.

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