So I returned from vacation this year on my birthday. 34 baby. I didn't feel different in fact the infamous 30 had come and gone and I'm the same girl. I walked in the house to children who missed me...a lot. They sat me down in a chair and showered me with birthday cards. Now this was the part I was looking forward to, a parade of crafty creations laden with glitter and misspelled words.Much to my surprise the first card arrived and it was store bought. My mother said, "They picked them out themselves". Honey, I was not prepared. As I read the first card from my four year old twins....the tears began to stream but by the time I got to my ten year olds card I was full on weeping. You see the crafty beautiful mess I was used to had somehow matured into real conceptualized feelings... about me and spoken through poetic words of some greeting card writer whom my child chose to express her love. I was a mess. My two year old asked "mommy why you kyeing?". The older children( four year olds included) trying to explain to him that I was not sad but still it was a bitter sweet moment for me. It just solidified that my family has moved into a different stage. My time as a mother with very small children is coming to a close. Even the last little Mohican is declaring, " I not no baby!" My children are forming their own opinions about the world, about me and about themselves.

The card my daughter gave me read : 


Thanks for being such a great example to follow

You always do the right thing

even if it's not the easiest thing

You love unconditionally

during the good times and the bad

You don't hesitate to help

and expect nothing in return

You work hard, enjoy life and love your family

and I'm proud to call you mom

Happy Birthday


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Happy birthday !
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